Fan Testimonial of Pretty Suicide's Show with Dee Snider on November 23rd, 2002


I saw you guys (and lady) play at the Downtown in Farmingdale on Saturday night (11/23). I bought your CD because I loved your show. On Sunday, I had to drive to and back from Staten Island... a one hour trip each way. I couldn't stop playing your CD in my car.

Monday came, I woke up and felt an intense thirst for your CD... I put it on and listened to it 2 more times before getting in my car for work. I got settled in my car... in goes the Pretty Suicide CD...three more plays before getting to work. Same coming home.

It's Monday, December 2nd, and I can't stop playing your CD!! The sound, is something I haven't heard in a LONG time... so many influences. I'm a strong believer in Gene Simmons' philosophy of music being candy for the ear... I'm gettin' cavities from your music and I want more!!! There isn't a song on the CD that I don't like. The lyrics are intelligent and insightful.

I haven't experienced a band like this in at least 10 years. I've stayed away from the club scene because it's become so full of crap rock. I only showed up to see bigger names from past. I will come out more often, now, to see you whenever I can.

I loved the whole show. You all had a stage presence I was hungry for that night and only expected it of Dee Snider, but you surprised me and you fed me... I thank you, the meal was delectible and I left fat and euphoric.

You showed the stage attitude that makes REAL Rock-n-Roll what it's supposed to be. Facial expressions, motions, stances, etc. I especially liked when, during a pause between songs, Vache took off the Flying "V", flipped upside down, and leaned on it with an almost Billy Idol sneer creeping onto his face. Larry stood on the other side of the stage, nearly daring the audience to a challenge. Armand exuded the classic rock drummer "caged animal" persona behind the drumset. Courtney, flashing those stunning blue eyes framed by that angelic face, and who sang with a soulful voice that carried me away to Rock paradise for the while, had all the right "Rock-n-Roll hot momma" moves...totally Rock-n-Roll!

I'm still hyped from the show and can't seem to come down. The only shows to have given me this feeling were the KISS shows I've been to. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

I was even more impressed when I met Armand and Vache in person. They seemed completely down-to-earth (even when I mistook Armand for the friend of someone I know...sorry dude) LOL. By the way, Armand, even that guy's girlfriend did a double-take when she saw you on stage). I complemented Vache on handling his string breaking so professionally and he was so thankful. Very cool people. I look forward to seeing you all again. I intend to get to as many area shows as I can to support your efforts and I'll spread the deserve success.

Also, I loved your website. I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to being able to see a show with the pyrotechnics.

Thanks again for a great show. Can't wait to see you guys (and lady) again,

Victor Moreyra, newly hooked fan.