Finally we have a interview with a woman, and not just any woman. This is Pretty Suicide lead vocalist Courtney and she happens to be a very great looking lady. Courtney is just part of a very hip rock band called Pretty Suicide who are really making a name of themselves in the US rock market and are currently rocking the house down in the New York area. Courtney took some time off to talk to us…

1. What is Pretty Suicide and Courtney up to at the moment??
Right now we are having a great time. We are partying a lot, relaxing, gearing up for the next year. We are writing songs for our next album, and meeting with a new producer. But we worked really hard last year, and I’m looking to chill out a little more, adopt more of an Australian attitude about things. No worries- take in a little more sun, enjoy life, you know? I do want the band to travel more this year, though… I’m thinking… Japan? I’ve been on an airplane through there several times, but have never been able to leave the airport. And I like Sake. I’d also like to do a European festival… I’ve never been to Tuscany, maybe that could be incorporated somehow… I love NYC, but if I am here more than a few weeks I start itching to go somewhere, anywhere… so this year, instead of just going on a joy ride by myself, I’d like to take the band and some shows instead.

2. How did the band form and how did you become the lead singer of a male rock band??
I am the last addition to the band… they went through several phases before finding me, the last piece. I found them through an ad in the Village Voice. It’s cool to be the only girl- they get to fiddle with their instruments while I play with red lipstick… It’s also like having three big brothers. No one messes with me.

3. What is the biggest and smallest crowd Pretty Suicide has played to??
The smallest? We played in Armand (our drummer) and Vache’s (our guitarist) basement for their parent’s friends once… that was very weird. They are Armenian, so everyone was talking and laughing and I couldn’t understand anything. Everybody was drinking this really strong Turkish vodka and there were little cousins running around everywhere. The biggest? We did an outdoor festival last summer… I don’t know what the final count was, but there were a lot of people there.

4. What major bands have you guys played with?? Which was the coolest and why?? Any bands that acted like assholes??
We play with almost every 80’s band that comes through New York... They are usually fun, since the entire 80’s mentality was about having a good time. The bigger the party, the better- the more alcohol the better, etc… The coolest, though, would have to be Bang Tango- they are really, really funny! They hung out until dawn, drinking like fish and telling the bizarre stories about life on the road. The whole night was highly entertaining, and I’d hang out with them anytime. Joe Leste is also in Beautiful Creatures, who come to town this week- Party, Anyone? For the assholes? I don’t know… maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I don’t run into many people that treat me like shit... and remember, I have my three guys to fend off any trouble, so I get off easy.

5. Since you are the first female we have interviewed here is a list of guys we want you to rate in a scale of 1-10. 1 being a grave keeper and 10 being an adonis.. Give us a reason as well

Gene Simmons of KISS
I really don’t think that he’s very cute… but he must be good in bed, or so the story goes…

Slash-Former Guns and roses
Bad boys always get the girls, you know? Strong and silent, but deadly.

Brad Pitt
Totally ten, no doubt about it. What else is there to say?

Tommy Lee-former Motley Crue
Gotta be a 10 too… have you seen that video? Mmm….

Justin Timberlake
Now he’s not really for me- there’s no doubt about the fact that he’s cute, but there’s just something about him that is just not for me. So I’ll give him a 6.

Lenny Kravitz
All women like the whole towel sequence in that video with the diner… he is definitely fit. And that’s important…

Gary Cherone-former extreme and Van Halen
I actually have to say that I don’t know what he looks like. Sorry.

David Beckham
Very nice. And Athletic. Good body. These things are key.

6. How did the band come up with the name Pretty Suicide??
Pretty Suicide was a song title from a record by the NYC band NY Loose. They were a great band, but they have now parted and gone their separate ways.

7. (Some soccer questions) What is your understanding of the game of soccer?? Could you name anyone who plays the game??
I have played soccer, and understand the rules…And if I had to pick a sport to watch, it would either be soccer or hockey (I’m from Detroit) but I don’t really watch any TV at all, including sports, so I’m not very up on the current state of the game.

8. Any kind words for our beloved Sydney United soccer team and their surge to the finals??
Preparation is always the hard part… But you’ve come this far, so enjoy it. Go out there and kick some ass!

9. What does Courtney do to relax??
I like to sleep… my beds really comfy, so if I don’t have to get up I won’t. I could stay there all day. I also have a hot tub, and it’s nice to be in there in the middle of winter, with the snow falling on your face.

10. Is Pretty Suicide the next big thing?? Tell us why or why not??
This kind of question is hard to answer. All I can say is that we have a great time, and whatever happens for us, I will be happy.

11. Have you ever been to Australia?? If so what did you like, if not what is stopping you??
I love Australia!!! My sister went to the University of New South Wales last year, so I met her there and we traveled from Sydney to Melbourne, then up to Cairns and down the West Coast. I got my diving certificate, went skydiving over the Whitsunday Islands, went off roading on Frasier Island…and went dancing every night. I have never felt so at home anywhere in the world. Everyone was so friendly and so relaxed and comfortable. When I got back to NYC, everyone seemed so rude! Australians definitely have better manners. Anyway, we were there six weeks, and it was not enough.

12. What is the cheapest pick up line you have ever been told?? What was your reaction to it??
Some guy in a band just walked up to me, put his arm around me and, with a sly smile on his face said “I’m so and so (name here). Have you heard of me?” I laughed. I’m not much for that kind of thing. Get over yourself.

13. You’re thought on the music world today?? Anything you like or dislike??
There is stuff out there that I like and stuff I don’t. I love the new band the Darkness- They are silly and fun and make me smile. I am addicted to them! I also like No Doubt, Pink, Christina Aguilera… And anything you can dance to.

14. Anything you would like to add??
Just thanks for talking to me!! I hope to be in Australia soon!!!

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