Fan Testimonial of Pretty Suicide's Show with Pretty Boy Floyd on July 5th, 2002

UGH!!!! My frigging head is splitting... I guess thats what 14 beers will do to a guy...

I caught your show last night at The King's Club... I'm still floored.

All the songs were amazingly tight and each individual does his or her instrument much justice... from the pounding beat of the drums, reminiscent of a stampede of horses, to the guitar that cuts through the room like an inmates' screams at the local asylum... AMAZING! Then, the vocals... sexy and dangerous... like a newborn packing double barrelled vengeance.  Its effectiveness is astounding... but, the bassist... dear GOD!  You really lucked out with him... energetic and precise, the thumping rhythms like the beating of bat wings in fugue with the howling of wolves!!!! Thanks for the cd guys and gal... its already starting to show signs of wear.

Gregg Sheppard